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The Label Glory Hazel

GLORY HAZEL has committed to the field of pornography with heart and soul. The aim is to approach this aesthetically neglected visual field with sensual creativity and innovation and to playfully discover its unknown potential. Con-temporary productions are for the most part uninspiring, stereotypical, boring – a fleshy mass of bare skin, lustless moaning and dull artificiality.
This constant uniformity in the plot and representation is astoundingly unimaginative. Exactly for this reason does GLORY HAZEL see porn to be an exciting artistic challenge: Creativity and pornography CAN be mixed and matched. 


GLORY HAZEL is searching for undiscovered pornographic highlights, is creative in recycling existing porn material and is wholeheartedly ablaze in her own productions and shows. The ambition is to create an aesthetically appealing,
humane representation of sexual fantasies. 

Remix Vol. 1-3  Remix Vol. 4-6

Release Happening




Pornographical Remix Vol. 1-3

The DVD Pornographical Remix Vol. 1-3 is a creative recycling of various porn films from the seventies. GLORY HAZEL believes that this material contains sequences in which the sexual representations are of an aesthetic quality
that can no longer be found. Numerous such quality moments were selected
for the first edition of ‘Pornographical Remix’.

These film snippets underwent a very strict and personal selection procedure. After the careful choosing the snippets were put together to make a new coherent ensemble. Three porn remixes were formed that fulfill the sexual visual requirements of GLORY HAZEL. Tacky dialogues and omnipresent moaning were replaced by a new soundtrack. The three short films eliminate
a narrative order - they are far more mood collages that stand out from the common mush of bare skin and dull artificiality.
Switzerland: CH 39.95 excl. postal fees – buy it here!
EU: 34.90€ excl- postal fees - buy it here!


You can download the soundtracks to the films here for free:
Belle A Dada, Clockwise From Above, Magnum, Magnum!

Remix Vol. 1-3  Remix Vol. 4-6

Release Happening


Pornographical Remix Vol. 4-6

In July Glory flew to an island in the Canaries. There she rented an old caravan and a yoga room, so that, with the fresh breeze in her hair and a juicy papaya in her lap the creation of new remixes could begin.

And now snow is falling and Vol. 4-6 is finally born!


54 min / produced in switzerland
CH: 45.00 SFr. excl. postal charges — BUY IT HERE!
EU: 42.90 €  excl. postal charges — BUY IT HERE!

Remix Vol. 1-3  Remix Vol. 4-6

Release Happening



Pornographical Remix Vol. 1-3
Release Happening Cabaret Voltaire

On the 29 October 2009 GLORY HAZEL was proud to present her first production. This was celebrated at Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich with an entrancing combination of porn film and striptease show: not vulgar,
not clichéd, but rather appealingly juicy, thrillingly bare and visually


Pornographical Remix Vol. 1-3
Release Happening Ostquai

On the 10. April 2010 GLORY HAZEL repeated the release show at Ostquai in Basel. Extracts from ‘Pornographical Remix Vol. 1-3’ – at times delicate and tender, at others intense and fierce, but never banal – alternated with thrilling striptease shows in a setting that was unusual yet ordinary: Knitting needles, floating chairs, torches and watering cans were part of the three carefully designed stages, on which little was left veiled and much was offered.


Pornographical Remix Vol. 4-6
Release Party at the Hinterhof

On the 27th of January we launched our second DVD «Pornographical Remix Vol. 4-6» with a big bang!

Glory Hazel invited her friends and lovers to a nocturne Rendez-Vous at the Hinterhof Bar in Basel. After showing some movie extracts with nice titts and pipes, a frantic dance-night took its start: The DJs Boogie Pilots (The Famous Goldfingerbrothers), Peter Penis an Striebelton arrived with loads of fresh pornosounds in their Baggage, especially selected for this evening.






We are Glory

Since 2009 we (Sabine Fischer and Sandra Lichtenstern) have dedicated our-
selves to the promising field of work that emerges when pornography meets creativity. Our motivation sprouts from the shocking lack of pornographic productions that satisfy our aesthetic demands and arouse our sensual expectations.


We’ve both been involved in the field of design for several years. As GLORY HAZEL we want to apply our experience to pornography. Our approach to
this topic is the same as with other visual projects – we apply motivation,
care and creativity.


With GLORY HAZEL we hope to animate a positive discourse and encourage a creative engagement with pornography. GLORY HAZEL would also like to be understood as an appeal to other creative minds to take on the neglected
field of pornography.


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